About Uzbekistan

In the Center of Asia, a beautiful pearl of the East is situated – it is Uzbekistan. It stretches in the middle of the steppes and deserts with a magnificent oasis full of real wonders and vivid impressions. Coming to this country, you seem to fall into a fairy tale! Here the nature is picturesque with its contrasting textures and bright colors. The history is rich in ancient heritage: architecture, palaces and minarets. The culture of Uzbekistan is also incredibly diverse and distinctive: national traditions and ceremonies, holidays and cuisine.

Here you will touch the secrets of history, taste the most magnificent dishes, feel the aromas of the East in its entirety and get an incredibly powerful charge of positive emotions!

Excursions in Uzbekistan

Visiting Uzbekistan, you will touch the ancient historical heritage of the region, where forever the traces of great rulers, conquerors and merchants walking along the Great Silk Road have frozen. Historical monuments of architecture and culture are preserved here in their original form.

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The very nature of Uzbekistan, its majestic mountains, covered with white caps of snows, smoothly passing into beautiful valleys, along which the crystal purity of the river flow, filling turquoise lakes, leave an indelible impression. Under the generous golden sun rays, the most delicious fruits and vegetables ripen, flowers blossom unseen.

Best Excursions in Uzbekistan

Hurry up to visit the most amazing sights, to visit cheerful holidays and festivals, wander through quiet cozy streets with centuries-old history, and taste the whole variety of oriental cuisine. Such dishes as Uzbek plov, manti, samsa and many others are famous far beyond the eastern countries and are loved all over the world.

Excursions to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of impressive contrasts, where the fairy tale is complemented by innovations and comfort, and the history is perfectly combined with modern reality. Comfortable hotels and small cozy guest houses, highways and mountain paths, high-rise buildings and ancient palaces, supermarkets and handicraft shops - all this creates a special texture pattern of feelings and impressions, inherent only in Uzbekistan. The guide, who knows Russian well, will help you to understand everything and enjoy all the delights of the country and language barrier will never stand in front of you!