Bukhara (2 days) - Medieval and mystical Bukhara.


Bukhara (2 days) - Medieval and mystical Bukhara.
City: Bukhara
Duration: 2 days

Price: from 250 $ * the price is valid from 1 to 4 people

Tour program:
(*The guide will meet you at your hotel. The time and place can be changed at will of the tourist.) Transfer (2 days) is included in the tour price).

Excursion around the old city: Bukhara preserved the medieval layout, due to which every building, every house on its crooked narrow streets carries the charm of antiquity. Temporary boundaries are erased here, you lose the sense of time...

09 - 00 Departure. Beginning of walking tour. Excursion around the city includes acquaintance with such architectural monuments as:
• Lyabi Khauz Ensemble: Khonako and Nodir Divan Begi Madrassah (16th century), Kukeldash Madrassah (15th century), a monument of Khoja Nasreddin;
• Visit to the Bukhara Crafts Development Center, located in the Sayfiddin caravanserai. Crafts: weaving workshop, woodcarving, chasing, painting on wood, Central Asian miniature, carpet making (from time immemorial, from generation to generation, the secrets of craftsmanship were passed.) This tradition is alive to this day;
• A walk under the trading domes (16th century): Toki Saraffon, Toki Telpak Furushon, Toki Zargaron, where artisans (jewelers, miniaturists and others) sell their products;
• Magokki Attori Mosque (12-16 centuries), built on the site of the temple of fire worshipers - one of 3 monuments in Bukhara, survived after the invasion of Genghis Khan;
• Caravanserai of Bukhara;
• Tim of Abdullakhan (16th century), a covered bazaar used for the trade of expensive silk fabrics;
• Madrassah of Ulugbek (15th century), built by the grandson of Tamerlane. At the entrance there is an Arabic inscription written by the Prophet Muhammad: "The aspiration for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and woman";
• Madrassah of Abdullazizkhan (17th century);
• Mosque Kalon (16th century).
• The functioning Mir-i-Arab madrassah (16th century), in which the head of Russian Muslims Ravil Gaynuddin and the deceased president of Chechnya Ahmad Kadyrov, formerly a mufti, studied;
• Kalyan Minaret - a symbol of Bukhara, for centuries, served as a lighthouse for caravans in the desert, approaching Bukhara.
13 - 00 Traditional dinner in the national tea house.

14 - 00 Continuation of the tour:
• Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (12th-16th centuries), inside there is a source of healing water, St. Iowa (Ayuba);

•  Mausoleum of the Samanids (10th century) - the pearl of the architecture of Central Asia, the family tomb of the Samanids dynasty;
• Fortress Ark - majestic citadel, the habitat of the rulers of Bukhara, a stronghold of power and might (1 century BC - 19 century);
• Mosque Bolo-Hauz (18th century) - a quarter mosque.
17 - 00 End of excursion back to the hotel
19 - 00 Dinner at one of the local restaurants (Minzifa, Badreddin Lyabi Khauz, Sarah, Old Bukhara, Adras).


Countryside tour:
09 - 00 Check out from the hotel
Necropolis of Bakhauddin Naqshbandi (10 km from Bukhara) is the burial place of the Sufi mystic of the medal of "Naqshbandiya" Bakhauddin Naqshbandi, revered throughout the Muslim world of the saint.
Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa (4 km from Bukhara) is the summer palace of the last emir of Bukhara (19th century).
12 - 00 Continuation of the tour:
Necropolis Chor-Bakr (10-16 cc.) - "city of shadows", once serving as a family residence to the spiritual leaders of the order "Naqshbandiya" (4 km from Bukhara).
13 - 00 Traditional lunch in the “Chor-Bakr” teahouse (several kinds of shish kebabs, "ballaza-nahot" – special soup of Bukhara, which is prepared all night).
14 - 00 Visit to the bazaar: fruits, dried fruits, nuts, spices
15 - 00 Chor-minor madrassah (19th century) - miniature madrassah with four different minarets.
15 - 30 Free time

The following are not included in the price, but you can pay extra on the spot on the day of the excursion for:
- meals (lunch 10-15 $ and dinner 10-15 $);
- entrance tickets to museums, architectural monuments, temple complexes.

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